LEADERSHIP- The design and implementation  of a legacy.

What do you choose to leave behind?

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Leadership Begins With Authenticity 

Meet Xavier C.S.C., C.L.C.

The Coaching Consultant

Father, Intuitive, Life & Spiritual Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Trained Peer Mentor, Author, Creative, and Consultant.

Xavier is an Intuitive and Certified Life & Spiritual Coach through Life Purpose Institute, Reiki 1 Certified Practitioner, an entrepreneur, self-published author, and creative. As his natural gifts, abilities, and talents grew he decided to gain further education by way of certification. His life experiences and background coupled with his conscious awareness and enthusiasm towards continuous education, positivity, relatability, and adaptation allows him to coach and consult in diverse fields. His personality allows flexibility of niches by employing his own authentic potential and encouraging others to do the same on the basis of morals, ethics, character, compassion, and with personal & social responsibility. This sincerity, passion, education, training, respect, appreciation, growth, and love of life in its bounteous aspects gives way to a unique yet distinguished, intuitive, and practical perspective with others, business, and cultures near and far. To inquire more about Xavier's background click the button below!

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